Vegetable or Tofu or Beef or Chicken: £10.00 | Crispy Pork Belly £11.50 | King Prawn:  £12.00



- Duck in Tamarind sauce เป็ดทอดราดซอสมะขาม £13.50
Duck deep-fried until crispy and golden then stir-fried with tamarind sauce, palm sugar, cashew nuts, spring onion, tomatoes, pineapple, red onion and bell pepper.


- Crabmeat in yellow curry sauce ปูผัดผงกะหรี่ £13.90 🌶
Stir-fried crab meat in curry powder, chilli paste, garlic, milk, eggs and onion


- Phad Pik Gang ผัดพริกแกง £10.00 🌶🌶
Stir-fried meat or seafood or vegetarian in red curry paste with fine beans, long red chillies, bamboo shoots and lime leaves.


- Phad Pik Khing ผัดพริกขิง £10.00 🌶🌶
Stir fried meat or seafood or vegetarian with fine beans, fresh chillies and kaffir lime leaves in homemade chilli paste.


- Garlic and Pepper Stir-fried ผัดกระเทียมพริกไทย £10.00
Slowly fried meat or seafood or vegetarian with garlic, ground white pepper and spring onion, topped with garlic crumble and coriander.


- Holy Basil Stir-fried ผัดกระเพรา £10.00 🌶🌶🌶
Stir-fried meat or seafood or vegetarian with fresh chilli, fresh Thai basil leave and, fine beans.


- Sweet and Sour Stir-fried ผัดเปรี้ยวหวาน  £10.00 
Thai-Style sweet and sour stir-fried meat or seafood or vegetarian, pineapple, spring onion, onion, cucumber, tomatoes with home-made sweet and sour sauce.


- Oyster Sauce Stir-fried ผัดน้ำมันหอย  £10.00 
Stir-fried meat or seafood with onions, mushrooms, carrots and spring onion in oyster sauce.


- Cashews Nut Stir-fried ผัดเม็ดมะม่วง  £10.00 
Stir-fried meat or seafood or vegetarian with cashew nuts, spring onions, onions, carrots and mushrooms in a rich sauce